New ‘Brand Australia’

As reported in The Australian by GEOFF CHAMBERS, 23 November 2017

A “unified national brand” will be developed by the Turnbull government in a move to help Australian exporters remain competitive in an expanding ­global trade market led by China, Japan and the US.

The government will today commit to developing a stronger national brand, outlined in the Foreign Policy White Paper.

Trade, Tourism and Investment Minister Steven Ciobo said the growing demand for Australian-made goods and services ­required better branding across various sectors.

Australia exported more than $337 billion in goods and services last year, amounting to one-fifth of the nation’s economic activity.

“A unified brand will bring ­together Australia’s export strengths — such as tourism, agricultural products and education — under the one Australian banner,” Mr Ciobo said.

As part of industry consultations ahead of today’s release of the white paper, businesses urged the government to embrace a stronger national brand to promote Australian exports.

Mr Ciobo said overseas markets sought out Australian food and fresh produce which was ­regarded as being “clean and green”. Australia is one of the top 10 agriculture exporters in the world, with exports of agricultural and fisheries products worth $47bn.

“We want to make it easier for the world to buy Australian. That’s why we’re reinvigorating a national brand,” he said. “We want to ensure Aussie exporters can use the country’s strong reputation to sell more of their goods and services to the world.

“Selling more Australian products to the world will create and support local jobs. We all know how powerful brands can be — a strong Australia symbol will help Aussie products stand out on the shelves across the world.”

Mr Ciobo said research by Austrade had found “while Australia is known for unique flora and fauna, beautiful scenery and friendly people, we are less recognised for harder attributes, such as technology, innovation and science”.

“A clear, unified national brand that combines these and other qualities will provide the support our industries need to thrive in a competitive global marketplace,” he said.

The lastest brand used across a range of Australian export industries

The original “Australian Made” logo