About Passionfruit Australia

Passionfruit Australia Inc (PAI) is a representative body and non-profit membership organisation that supports Australia’s passionfruit industry.

PAI serves as an umbrella organisation, representing and progressing the interests of everyone in the passionfruit industry, including growers, packers, wholesalers, exporters, researchers and retail outlets.

The Passionfruit Australia office is currently run from Brisbane, Queensland.

Cost 2017/18          

New Grower Member: $253
Renewal Grower Member: $198
New Associate Member: $297
Renewal Associate Member: $242

Membership runs from July 1st to June 30th each year, irrespective of the date joined. Membership lapses if renewal is not paid within three months of the start of the fiscal year.

Associate Members receive a 20% discount on advertising packages which include more than one advertising insertion.


A small group of passionfruit growers got together back in the 1980’s in northern NSW and formed a loose association which became the foundations of the original association – Australian Passionfruit Industry Association (APIA).  Years later and with many more members in tow, Passionfruit Australia Inc. was born, and as the peak industry body, strives to represent the interests of all commercial passionfruit growers in Australia today.

Why join?

The money raised each year from PAI membership goes to running the office and ensuring we are an accessible first point of contact for all passionfruit industry members.

Becoming a member gives you:

  • Access to projects funded by PAI or through competitive grants which provide additional funds – from outside of the existing levy system – to be invested to develop our industry
  • Grower alerts about immediate threats to your business from weather or pest events provided by our Management Committee
  • Representation by an industry body who has your interests as its only priority

Some of the other responsibilities of the office include:

  • Sharing information through e-newsletters, the quarterly magazine
    The Passion Vine and email alerts
  • Key industry contacts
  • Pest & disease updates
  • Sharing communication from other horticulture bodies
  • Connecting growers and buyers
  • Conduit for information between industry, researchers, government and other peak industry bodies
  • Coordinating Regional Field Days & Research Forums