Growing fruit with passion

The team comprising the Management Committee and our Industry Services Manager provide the engine that helps to drive the passionfruit industry foward in Australia today.

Our industry has undergone significant change in the last 20 years, and in today’s world of rapid disruption I can guarantee there is plenty more change yet to come.  Our philosophy is to embrace change and harness opportunities for our industry to develop and expand, not be fearful of what may come.

Passionfruit Australia works with all parts of the supply chain, from growers, through to nurseries, chemical and machinery specialists, market agents and retailers, and we work in partnership with Hort Innovation and all levels of Australian government.

We pride ourselves on advocating for our members and delivering the best possible outcomes for the industry. Our strategic plan reflects the 5 key priorities for our industry; Grow Sales Demand, Grow Fruit Quality, Farm at Your Best, Grow Sales Returns and Be in the Know.  As a team, we are working tirelessly to drive these priorities for you.

If you aren’t a member of Passionfruit Australia yet, make sure you join up and get involved. As an industry we are so much stronger together, and Passionfruit Australia Inc. would love to have you as a member!

Tina McPherson, President

Tina McPherson, President

Margie Milgate,
Industry Services Manager