Add a splash of passion

The latest campaign about to burst out this summer is our new ‘add a splash of passion’ marketing execution.

Based on the latest research carried out earlier this year, the slight twist on our previous campaigns aims to build on the positioning of passionfruit as a versatile fruit which can bring a splash of passion to lots of yummy dishes for all the family.

Research insights

  • Purchases are up, but 33% of consumers have not purchased in the past 12 months = massive opportunity among lapsed and lighter buyers
  • There is a correlation between cooking confidence and volume of% of total) passionfruit purchased = give lighter buyers confidence with simple everyday ideas
  • Passionfruit is an impulse purchase for most (57%) = get it on the shopping list and create opportunities to consistently remind
  • Lapsed purchasers like the taste (80% had purchased passionfruit-flavoured products) – their biggest barrier is lack of confidence = inspire them with simple everyday ideas
  • Price is the major barrier for light and medium buyers – passionfruit easily substituted for other fruits when positioned as a snack but less so when used as a topping = make passionfruit a ‘must have’ topping
  • Almost all passionfruit buyers agree (85%) that it is a great finishing touch to a dish = build on this positioning

Primary target audience: Lapsed Purchasers, Light & Medium Buyers (59% of total)

Secondary target audience: More Confident Cooks -Heavy Buyers (8% of total)

Campaign Summary

  • Call attention to Passionfruit peak flushes (particularly winter)
  • Communicate the 3 main functional benefits that Passionfruit can add (taste, visual and health) whilst tapping into the emotional triggers that may also encourage people to buy
  • Give confidence to consumers around picking the best fruit by educating
  • Back Room education for Retailers around display, handling and stock rotation
  • Provide easy to use ‘topping ideas’ that give consumers a reason to buy passionfruit
  • Create inspiring ‘old fashioned baking’ recipe ideas to cater for the more confident cooks in the heavy buyer category