Protect your future health now

The ABC is reporting the outcomes from a recent study carried out by the National Centre for Farmer Health (NCFH).  Farmers were tracked over time and regularly tested for a particular group of substances called Organophosphates. This type of chemical is found in insecticides and works by attacking an insects’ nervous system.  Exposure in humans can see the chemical attack humans in the same way but just to a lesser extent.

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What personal protective equipment (PPE) should you be using?

The Department of Health makes the following recommendations:

  • To prevent absorption through the skin, wear overalls or clothing that covers up to the neck, can be buttoned at the wrists and covers the outside opening of  your shoes
  • Wear a washable, wide brimmed hat that covers your hair
  • PVC gauntlet gloves – avoid those with cotton linings as they are hard to de-contaminate
  • PVC boots
  • Respirator
  • Face Shield or Goggles