Passionfruit Strategic Investment Plan

Strategic Investment Plan

Hort Innovation has appointed Strategic Investment Advisory Panels (SIAPs) to provide strategic investment advice in relation to the research and development activities funded by industry levies and contributions from the Australian Government. The SIAPs are guided by the strategic priorities set out in the passionfruit industry Strategic Investment Plan (SIP).

The passionfruit SIAP met for the first time in July 2016 to review the existing marketing initiatives, identify R&D investment priorities for the next five years and ensure all members of the SIAP understood the new innovation processes for highlighting project concepts.

The group has met on a small number of occasions since to agree on next priorities for the R&D program, to review some consumer research carried out earlier in 2017 and to understand how this has shaped the new marketing programme.



Increased domestic demand and export opportunities that maintain price stability Drive growth in domestic markets through targeted marketing initiatives

Increase market diversification by establishing and maintaining access to new export markets

Develop value-add products to increase consumer access to, and consumption of, passionfruit

Improved retail quality of passionfruit that matches consumer expectations Engage with supply chain and retailer stakeholders to help ensure that high quality fruit is consistently displayed

Increase grower focus on delivering quality

Research and adopt improved postharvest packing, storage and distribution processes to maintain quality and increase shelf life

Access to relevant and timely data that improves industry wide decision making Develop systems and processes that enable relevant industry data to be captured regularly

Ensure that data is made available in a format that facilitates decision making amongst industry stakeholders

Improved pest and disease management and the development of new varieties that increases grower productivity and profitability Develop and commercialise new varieties that increase production and also meet consumer expectations

Continue research to improve the management of pests and diseases

Improved farm and industry sustainability from identifying and adopting best practices Identify and develop future leaders of the industry through training and engagement

Research high performing industries and growers and develop pathways for the passionfruit industry to embrace similar approaches

Ensure that systems are established to assist and monitor the adoption of research, innovation and best practice

For any queries about the Strategic Plan or the role of Hort Innovation, please contact our Industry Strategic Partner:

Industry Strategic Partner
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