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The passionfruit growing guide, 2nd edition
Peter Rigden

$55 inc GST + Postage

This comprehensive guide has been developed by the Queensland Government in conjunction with Passionfruit Australia Inc. and Hort Innovations’ predecessor – Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL).

The second edition was published in 2011 with substantial updates from the first edition released back in 2006.  The guide has been written for prospective, new and established growers; it addresses all aspects of passionfruit growing from site selection and planning through to harvesting and marketing the fruit.  It provides practical advice on propagation, fertilising, irrigation, and pest and disease control.  Also, it includes information on varieties of passionfruit, plantation budgeting and useful contacts.

Due to limited quantities, this product is available only to Passionfruit Australia Members

Passionfruit problem solver field guide
Peter Rigden & Simon Newett

$25 inc GST + Postage

This guide has been written to help growers quickly identify problems that may occur in their passionfruit plantations and provide information on how to manage these problems.  The guide is divided into six sections, colour-coded on the edge of the pages to make it easier to locate the relevant section.