Minor Use Permits

The poster below shows the current passionfruit permits (UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2020).  For access to the Product Label, MSDS or Permit details for any of these products, visit https://portal.apvma.gov.au/home and select either Product Search or Permit Search.

Minor Use Permits converted to labels

Please be advised that the below permits will be surrendered as the uses are now covered on registered labels as an outcome of the APVMA permit to label project.

For more information on the project please refer to the below links:



Permit ID Description Date Issued Expiry Date Permit holder

Version 3

Abamectin / Passionfruit / Passionvine Mite & Two-spotted mite

Use now registered on various labels

13-Jul-14 31-Oct-20 PAI

C/Hort Innovation