R&D project list

R&D Program Investment

PF15000 National Passionfruit Breeding Program – NOW COMPLETED (Ended 30 June 2020)
PF16000 Passionfruit industry minor use program
PF16003 Communication program for the passionfruit industry
MT18006 Biosecurity plan for the lychee, papaya and passionfruit industries
PF18002 Passionfruit postharvest best practice review

During the 2020/21 financial year, all Australian levy-paying horticulture industries also contribute to across-industry projects addressing issues that affect horticulture as a whole.

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For more information on new, ongoing, and completed R&D projects for the passionfruit industry, visit the passionfruit page.

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R&D Project Snapshot

Passionfruit industry communications program (PF16003)

Status: Mid-way through

The overall aim of this project is to provide an efficient and effective methodology to communicate relevant and timely information across and within all grower groups, the supply chain members and associated stakeholders within the Australian passionfruit industry.  Of the five priority outcomes recently published in the Strategic Industry Plan (SIP) for Passionfruit, this project will indirectly support three, but Outcome 4 is most directly supported through this project;

Outcome 1 – Improved farm and industry sustainability from identifying and adopting better practices

  • By providing structured communication mechanisms to transfer best practice to all growers from within the industry and from benchmarked high performing industries
  • By operating research forums and regional field days which deliver broad access to current & past research, showcase new innovations and facilitate better sharing of expert resources across all growing regions to all levy-paying growers

Outcome 3 – Improved retail quality of passionfruit that matches consumer expectations

  • By giving all growers improved access to the quality assessment, grading and labelling tools which will assist them to improve their own quality outputs
  • By sharing successful strategies identified within comparable horticulture industries

These two outcomes are important, but measurement of the impact of the communications project will be difficult to objectively attribute.

Outcome 4 – Access to relevant and timely data that improves industry-wide decision-making

  • By creating an up-to-date website capable of integrating future supply chain data capture and reporting projects as and when they occur
  • By providing regular planned communication vehicles for sharing relevant information to all passionfruit growers

This proposal will deliver the improved communication mechanisms required for the Australian passionfruit levy-payer industry to support the achievement of the priority outcomes laid out in the SIP, through a combination of well organised forums and field days, timely and relevant written communications and the dissemination of best practice bench-marked from best-in-class industries.  All content will be sourced, written and edited by the PAI Project Team.